Most people recognize Austin as the capital of Texas. But what does it mean to be the capital of the second largest state in our country? In short, it means being on the cutting edge of everything new, hip and exciting while still respecting the vast and humble state of Texas that encompasses it on all sides. Think less cowboy more… creative hipster. Plus, learn more about what makes Austin so pet-friendly!

The City

Austin is a large bustling city; the 11th most populated in the United States. Ranking 4th most populated in Texas; following only Houston, San Antonio and Dallas. The largest demographic in the city is those aged 25 to 44 making up a surprising 37% of the total population. 

If you think this means the city is favored by young professionals, you would be correct. The city center is modern and eclectic; welcoming to and representative of all the various individuals that call it home. – nevermore present than in the city’s motto “Keep Austin Weird”. 

The city tries very hard to promote diversity and support small and local businesses. It has a thriving music, film and art community. And you would be hard-pressed to find a night where there wasn’t some sort of fun and exciting festival, show or party happening in the downtown area. And if you’re hungry, there is likely a food truck on a corner somewhere serving exactly what you didn’t know you were craving. 

The Climate

If you aren’t from the Austin area, you may be surprised to learn about how pleasant the climate can be in the city – for Texas at least. Austin is located between the dry desert regions of the southwest and the more vegetated regions of the southeast.

The city has very short and mild winters. January is typically the coldest month of the year with highs reaching up to 61 degrees. (Yes, you heard that right.) Summers are much longer and more intense, although not as hot as one may think. The summer peaks in July and August with high temperatures typically in the high 90’s. Fluctuating humidity is the more common complaint among locals. 

pet-friendly austin, texas

Pet-Friendly Austin

Austin is no stranger to pet lovers and for very good reason. The city is incredibly dog-friendly. The weather certainly helps with this as there are very few days a year that one cannot go outdoors to have some fun. But also, the unrelenting embracing of anything untraditional goes a long way as well. As you will soon see. 

First, let’s talk about Austin’s parks. There are countless amazing parks that have options for hiking, walking, canoeing, swimming, fishing, camping or just playing fetch. Some of the most popular dog-friendly parks are Turkey Creek, Zilker Botanical Gardens and Barton Creek; all within city limits. This is in addition to the dozens of dog parks in the Austin area as well. 

As of August 2019, please make sure to use extreme caution when visiting freshwater sources in Austin, Texas. Algae is in bloom and presents a toxic health risk to your pets. To learn more, visit the ASPCA.

But the pet fun doesn’t stop there. Austin also houses several pet-friendly restaurants and pubs. Some popular options include: The Yard Bar, Tyson’s Tacos, and Thunderbird Coffee; again, all within city limits. In fact, there is an entire district called the 2nd Street District where most shops, pubs and restaurants are dog friendly.

Don’t forget to stop by Paws on Chicon on a hot Austin day for some puppy frozen yogurt! But visit just about anywhere in Austin, and you’re sure to find a dog water bowl outside the store fronts.

Austin’s love of pets makes it a pet lover’s paradise. The city has some of the most compassionate vets in the world (we may be a little biased), many companies that are open to allowing pets in the office and there are countless pet sitters and dog walkers who are ready and willing to help entertain and love your four-legged companion when you have to leave home without them. 

Putting it all Together

Pet-friendly Austin, Texas is a fantastic place to live whatever your age, demographics, profession or interests are. Austin truly is a melting pot of “weirdo” stew – their words, not ours! The weather is agreeable, and you will never have to experience being cooped up indoors for the long winters. There is never not enough going on to find something to do in your free time and very rarely a “No Dogs Allowed” sign posted anywhere. I mean, could Austin sound anymore like paradise? We’re sold.