Austin is a great place to live and an even greater place to call home if you are a dog lover. The bustling metro area is always ripe with dog-friendly and dog-centered adventures and activities leaving you with no excuse to spend a boring day stuck inside with your pet. For those of you Austinites that may be new to the area or just looking for the down-low on where to have fun with pooches this spring and summer, we are here to help. We couldn’t possibly share with you all the options; Austin is very large and very dog-friendly with new events popping up almost every day. However, we can provide you with a great list of local favorites to get you started.

dog friendly activities in austin, texas

Lady Bird Lake

For hiking within the city limits, there is no better place to bring your dog than Lady Bird Lake. Located in the center of downtown Austin, this park is perfect for everyone from those seeking some adventure to those seeking some downtime by the water. There are plenty of hiking trails to explore, a large body of water for swimming, and beautiful shorelines for just sitting and enjoying the one-of-a-kind sights and sounds of downtown Austin. You can visit Lady Bird Lake dozens of times and always find something different to enjoy.

West Austin Dog Park

When you’re looking for a place for the pups to get out and socialize, the traditional choice is to visit a dog park. There are several in Austin with the most popular being the West Austin Dog Park. As with all good dog parks, this park offers plenty of space for the dogs to run and play with other dogs. It also has plenty of shade for the dogs (and the humans with them) to hide from the Texas sun, running water to help keep those pooches hydrated, and even provides poop bags and disposal areas to help you keep the park beautiful and odor free. It’s one of the top rated dog parks in the area, and after just one trip, you’ll see why.

Red Bud Isle

Red Bud Isle is a local favorite for dogs that love to swim, run, and climb large rocks. Located at 3401 Red Bud Trail; Red Bud has plenty of natural walking trails and paths providing the perfect opportunity to soak up some of the natural Texas scenery. When your pup is all worn out from exploring the paths at this off-leash park, they can jump into the water to cool off. The park is a peninsula, providing open water on three sides! It’s a year-round go-to adventure destination for dogs and humans alike!

2nd Street

If you’re in the mood to take your four-legged best friend out on the town, one of the best places to visit is 2nd Street. There are plenty of options to choose from for grabbing a bite, and we all know food tastes better when we eat it with those we love. Another perk of visiting 2nd Street is when you are done with lunch you can walk off the meal with some light shopping; most of the shops on 2nd Street are dog-friendly, making it a crowd favorite for a day out with Fido.

Yard Bar

Maybe food and shopping isn’t your thing. Maybe you’re in the mood to take your pup to the pub. Great idea! You’ll want to check out the Yard Bar. It’s famous here in Austin and for all the right reasons. They have great beer, great food, and are super dog-friendly. It’s entirely off leash, has its own park, and there are even “bark-rangers” – staff whose job it is to watch your dogs in the park while you enjoy your drinks.

Zilker Botanical Garden

For a truly serene and beautiful experience try the Zilker Botanical Garden. The gardens are especially breathtaking in the early spring when all the flowers are just starting to bloom. Your pets have to be leashed here, but there are countless plants to see and smell, and the park provides a perfect escape from the city without having to actually leave the city.


These locations barely scratch the surface of the seemingly countless dog-friendly parks, shops, waterfronts, restaurants, and events in Austin.  It can be easy to get overwhelmed with the choices we pet owners have here in the city that appreciates the weird and fun! If you don’t have the time this week or next to take your dog to the local dog park, give Ruff Life ATX a call! Did you know we offer more than just a walk around your neighborhood? Our team of skilled dog walkers is happy to take the pups to local parks or dog spots to help them burn off some energy and enjoy the weather. So if you find yourself stuck at the office, don’t worry about your pet being stuck at home; book their doggy date with us!