Stop the presses! Alert the media! Put out an APB! We just heard there are people out there who still have to choose between a night on the town and time with their pooches. We won’t stand for it! We are making it our mission to educate all of you Austinites on some of the best dog-friendly breweries and wineries in our great city. Because it’s 2020 people, and we live in Austin, Texas. If I can’t enjoy a glass of wine with my K9, I am not here for it. 

Austin dog-friendly breweries

Austin Dog-Friendly Hotspot #1: Jester King

Jester King has been an Austin hotspot for about 10 years now. It’s a local favorite for many reasons – not the least of which is its dog-friendliness. Jester King is a historic farmhouse turned brewery and restaurant. They serve several varieties of their in-house brews, offer a diverse menu of small plates and host frequent events and gatherings. 

They allow all breeds of dogs everywhere on the grounds. But they do ask that they are well-behaved and remain leashed at all times. 


The Austin Winery 

The name Austin Winery pretty much says it all. It popped up in Austin in 2014 and has been a local favorite since day one. The Austin Winery calls themselves an “Urban Winery”. This means they take the modern industrial appeal of the functioning winery and blend it into a beautiful event space and shop.

They offer wine, of course, in addition to various dry goods and merchandise they offer in their shop. The Austin Winery hosts events frequently and can be reserved for private parties. They are also dog-friendly, which makes them a favorite with pet owners. 


Austin Beer Garden Brewing Co. 

Austin Beer Garden Brewing Co has it all: beer, food, and music. They are also incredibly dedicated to sustainability and helping their community; having recently raised over $34,000 for a local healthcare facility. ABGB brews their own beer, of course, and serves it both on the grounds and in to-go vessels. In addition to beer, they also offer a delectable menu of local faves. 

They are openly dog-friendly and welcome all breeds to join the fun with their responsible owners. 


Austin Dog-Friendly Hotspot #4: 4Th Tap Brewing Co-op 

If you’re looking for an Austin Brewery that feels more like an intimate gathering of all the cool kids, 4th Tap Brewing Co-op is the place to be. This microbrewery is run by a small tight-knit group of really cool people. They brew amazing beers, offer live music, and encourage everyone to just hang out for a while and enjoy the art. 

The very best part is they are 100% dog-friendly which means you won’t have to settle for just telling your pup about your awesome experience; you can share it with them. 


Hops & Grain Brewery 

Hops and Grain Brewery flips “dog-friendly” on its back and gives it a tummy rub. Not only is the brewery dog-friendly, but they also bake and sell “Brew Biscuits” for all the four-legged furries in your life. In addition to dog biscuits, they also serve hordes of delicious people food and amazing brews. 

Hops and Grain Brewery is also committed to sustainability and lovingly embraces the diverse mix of cultures and flavors of Austin. 


Duchman Family Winery 

Located right in the heart of Texas Hill Country. It has a tourable vineyard, offers tastings, a fully-functional restaurant, and is dog-friendly. You will get a very Tuscan feel when visiting Duchman Family Winery, and that is intentional. 

If you choose to bring your pup with you to this tranquil winery, please note dogs are only welcome in the outdoor areas and are not to be brought indoors. 


Our Final Austin Dog-Friendly Hotspot: Bell Springs Winery

Bell Springs Winery is located in Dripping Springs, just a short drive from Austin’s city center. They offer their own collections of small-production wines for purchase and tasting. In addition to wine, they offer food trucks, event space, and live music every weekend. 

All dogs are welcome everywhere on the grounds. Leashes are required at all times. 

Austin dog-friendly winery

Doggy Etiquette

Speaking of leashes…

If you are planning on visiting one of these fun breweries or wineries, and we strongly recommend that you do, you should always be on your best behavior. After all, the main reason more businesses are not dog-friendly is because being dog-friendly comes with a lot of liability.

You bringing your pup to a pup-friendly establishment and being respectful is the best way to show the world that dogs do not have to be cooped up indoors while we enjoy the world. This helps promote more, not fewer, pet-friendly destinations. 

Follow these basic manners when out with your pooch: 


Follow all pet policies. 

When you’re visiting a business with your pet, you’re agreeing to their policies, and you should abide by them. If leashes are required – use a leash. It’s as simple as that. 

Respect other guests. 

Just because a business is pet-friendly doesn’t mean all the guests are. Keep your pet in your space and don’t allow them to venture into other guests’ space unless invited. 

Plan bathroom breaks. 

You do not want your pup relieving themselves in or around a place that serves food and drinks. That’s just gross. Plan ahead and make sure you take your pet out for potty breaks frequently during your outing. Pro-tip: Come prepared with doggy poop bags.

Get your dog ready for their outing.

Don’t take a dirty, stinky, muddy dog to a restaurant or brewery. Dogs get messy and sometimes they smell awful. No judgment, we get it. However, if you are planning on bringing them out to be around dozens of other people in a place where people are eating and drinking, you will need to clean them up. 

At a minimum, wipe their paws to remove dirt, give them a quick brush and wipe to collect stray hairs and maybe rub them down with some dry shampoo to make them smell as good as they look. 


Get out there and enjoy dog-friendly Austin!

Austin is one of the coolest cities on Earth. Our city’s dedication to staying weird makes it feel like a never-ending party. It is not surprising that Austin is the home to so many trendy and flavorful breweries and wineries. Finding these hidden, dog-friendly gems makes us fall in love with this amazing city all over again.

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