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We consider ourselves to be Pet Guardians and we believe in providing customized care for the overall well being of pets and their humans. Contact us today to set up your complimentary consultation.

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Our trained staff will provide you with excellent in home pet care from our experienced team.

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We have you covered....

  • You have a new pet adjusting to their new home & routine.
  • You have an active dog that needs structure, play and to get exercise
  • You have a senior pet who needs patience & love.
  • You have a pet that needs medication or needs their health to be monitored.
  • You have a timid pet who needs someone understanding to feel safe and secure.
  • You have a new puppy or kitten who needs structure, guidance, and love.
  • You need support and guidance with training, diet, and routine.
  • You need your plants tended to and the house being watched over while you’re away.
  • You’re going on vacation & can’t bring your pack with you.
  • You work long hours
  • You want to go to the gym or happy hour before or after work!


*We do not charge for additional pets or medications. During the consultation, we will determine which visit duration fits your pack. We only charge extra for any visits over 10miles from our home base.

*We guarantee a routine to keep your pet happy, safe and comfortable while you are away.

*We also offer a Companion Walk: This can be booked during our 60-minute walk. We can work with you and your pup create daily structure and a beneficial routine. We can assess and help you come up with an in-home routine, diet and exercise plan as well as do a working walk with you and your dog(s) to fit yours and your pet’s needs.

Daily Services Available

  • 15 Minute Potty Break $20
  • 30 Minute Dog Walk $30
  • 60 Minute Dog Walk $50
  • Pet Taxi $50/hour within 30 miles

What Our Clients Say?

Based on 17 reviews
Amber Ng
Amber Ng
Rachael and her Rufflife team are absolutely amazing ! When we first moved to Austin we were so concerned about who we would trust to take care of our dog. They are so organized and came over for a consultation and our dog fell in love immediately. Whenever we've used them we know to expect a full report and pictures within the necessary time window. Their love for our pet as if it's their own is completely apparent and we know we can trust them fully! Would recommend them to anyone!
S. “BattlePigeon” Haze
S. “BattlePigeon” Haze
Rachel is extremely professional and courtesy in making sure she and her staff are able to care for my dog. I would HIGHLY recommend
heather brown
heather brown
We are beyond pleased and satisfied with the service that Rachel with Ruff life provided. We contacted her with very short notice around the holidays and she was quick to respond and squeezed our interview into her very packed schedule. She was extremely through in her interview process and in learning about our 3 rescue boxers. Her app and style of communication is wonderful. She arrived at our home exactly as promised on all 4 days and gave us an immediate and comprehensive report with multiple photo's each time she visited. It was so nice to know that our babies were being well cared for and loved while we were away.
Harriet Amelia Wessel
Harriet Amelia Wessel
Five Star Service! If my dogs could leave a review they would probably say “we love our time with RuffLifeATX, and want to tell everyone how great Rachael and her team make our work days! Filled with love, pets, walks and playtime. We even get to watch our favorite shows.” Cannot recommend RuffLife highly enough, and I only stumbled on this excellent service through a Google search after moving to Austin last year. Excellent value service and so reliable and flexible, couldn’t ask for more. Happy pets=Happy pet parents
Margaret Bergin
Margaret Bergin
We were referred to Ruff Life ATX by our former company, Pets Domain, as we moved out of their service area. Ruff Life has been an incredible help to us! Rachael is super knowledgeable and supportive. She gave us training tips that worked really well with our pup, Mac. With Ruff Life's help, we were able to successfully transition Mac from the crate to the kitchen during the day with virtually no issues. Ruff Life always sends updates after their visits with pictures. When a new dog walker will be taking care of Mac, Ruff Life always does a walk with a "seasoned" Mac walker and the new person first. Mac loves his friends Rachael (and Loki), Matt, Ciera, Daniel, and now Jazmin! Rachael and her team are easily accessible, as well. Definitely recommend!
Nicole Savatteri
Nicole Savatteri
Rachael and her team are AMAZING! They are all so professional and they truly love our pack! They are an extension of family. They are so flexible and really exceed expectations! Our dogs get soooo excited when they come through the door! We have so lucky to have found Ruff Life ATX!!!
Gary Groppe
Gary Groppe
Had them watch two dog and a cat during our week vacation. One of our dogs is very shy and does not do well at a traditional kennel. they did great and sent pics daily.
Alisa Vereshchagin
Alisa Vereshchagin
Having recently relocated to Austin with a puppy that we had adopted a couple months prior, we were desperate to find good pet care from someone we could trust. Rachael was that person. She knows each animal that she cares for individually, which is what makes her so special. Now that I know Rachael and the RuffLife team I cannot imagine leaving my dog in the care of anyone else. Thank you for your awesome work.

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